Jumping Pound Loop off Highway 22

On Wednesday, I decided to take an extended lunch break and head south down Highway 22.  This past weekend, I was through the roundabout on Highway 22 a couple times and there was a beautiful hawk sitting on the fence post both times.  I figured there was no way that I would see it a third time … but, just south of the roundabout …here is what I found!hawk-on-fence-opening-cropped-wmThis beautiful hawk, looking for something good to eat!  It didn’t stick around long, but it made my day!

I turned around and decided to venture down township road 244 heading west to Jumping Pound.  I heard from a friend there was Elk down this way.  No luck finding Elk, but I did see White-tails.   A young buck was sniffing around the field with many silhouettes off in the distance.  It was really socked in on Wednesday afternoon, so hard to capture many moment and he was pretty quick to head into the woods.  He had to jump the fence … it was a moment I was able capture!  So gracefulwhite-jumping-fence-cropped-wmThere were a couple of herds on White-tails in this area.  It was a little early to be shedding antlers from what I read, but this young buck had one hanging off the right side.white-tail-losing-an-antler-cropped-wmThe last sighting of the day was another hawk up in the treetops.  After checking each other our for a few minutes, he was off into the hills.   What a sight and a great way to end my lunch break!hawk-take-off-cropped-wm

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