Wild Horse in Waiparous Valley

At the beginning of  November, we were expecting a beautiful weekend! My husband asked me to take him on one of my adventures, so we headed northwest on Highway 579.  I though we might see some elk or moose in the reserve.  We got out of the car to hike up a ridge line.   We didn’t see any wildlife, but we did hear a lot of guns going off …it was hunting season.  We decided it wasn’t a great day to be walking out in the woods…  We got back in the car and I saw something large and dark in the trees off in the distance.  I set up the camera and positioned it at the end of the bluff anticipating to see the large animal come out in the clearing.   It appeared and I snapped a photo …to my surprise …it was a horse…  There was livestock roaming free so we thought it was just someone’s horse roaming around the reserve.horse-in-the-distance-wmWhen we got to Highway 40 we ventured into the Waiparous Valley via Waiparous Valley Rd.  There were lots of folks camping…it was pretty chilly to be in a tent, but they looked like they were having fun.  Again, something was moving  in the woods, so out of the car I jump, make my way up the hill and again ….horses.   This herd was pretty skittish and they were deep in the woods, but there was a moment of sunshine streaming through the trees that brought this beauty into focus.

wild-horse-waiparous-valley-wm-whiteWe decided it was time to head home, so back onto Highway 40 to Cochrane.  Just south of Waiparous Rd, we saw another herd of horses in the Ghost Airstrip Group camping area. This time they were out in the open.  We hiked in to take a closer look!   One of the herd stood solo as we approached.wild-horse-solo-wmThe Stallion was magnificent!   There were 8 in the herd.  The stallion started to move them along into the trees.   He did pose for us on the way …

What a terrific day … to see the famous wild horses of Alberta!  It was truly an unexpected surprise and made our day!!   More herd photos

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