Dragons & Dinosaurs

In my photography adventures, I love to see what nature has in store for me.    I am always watching for movement, color and beautiful things that catch my eye.   Perhaps my eye sees things through conditioning.  Raising 2 boys, who were always into dragons and dinosaurs, I tend to spot them in strange places.   Since January was pretty cold  and the wildlife sightings have been rare ((although I am heading out over the next couple days on some exciting opportunities), I thought I would share my quirky collection of strange wood prehistoric creatures.

This young dragon was sited on the Kananaskis Loop on the Fitzsimmons Creek picnic area.IMG_5148

This dragon, the elder,  was spotted in a clearing as we hiked in the Harold Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.  dragon-head-vermillion-lakes-wm

This dragon was soaking up the the rays on the banks of the Elbow  River off Highway 66.dragon-wood-wm

And finally, this raptor was lurking in the trees in the Vermilion Lakes area.raptor-vermillion-lakes-wmIf anything, my boys (now young men) appreciate their mothers keen eye!  I hope you enjoyed my quirky display!


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