What is that noise?

The woods are coming alive with drumming (also called tattooing, tapping and rapping). This is the way woodpeckers communicate with other members of their species. Depending on the type of woodpecker, it can be a faint tap, tap, tap of a downy …or the loud  hammering of the pileated…amazing!

I have had  the pleasure of hearing these noises and locating the source in several parks this past week….and there were a few species out and about!

Northern Flicker in Riverfront Park, Cochrane, AB.  Can you see the wood chips that were flying around in the second photo?   More Northern Flicker photos in the gallery


Downy Woodpecker – in the Weaselhead and Riverfront Park, Cochrane …new photos in the woodpecker gallery


It is also the time woodpeckers are starting to build nests, which is done by drilling holes in dead trees.   Check out this sign…a pileated woodpecker is in the area.   The drumming noise was constant during the week….couldn’t figure out what was going on, but didn’t have a chance to check it out.   When I went for a hike, I found this deep in the woods!  Wow…talk about hard work!woodpecker-nest-wm

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