The Spring Wildlife Adventure Begins…

Last fall,  one of my fellow camera club members(and bird photographer) told me about a Bald Eagle’s nest north of Cochrane.   Yesterday, I took a drive to the location with a friend, found the nest and a Bald Eagle in it!  I did a little research about the nesting habits, and each year the adult pair will add 1-2 feet of new material to the nest…that means that this nest has been used by this pair for quite a few years as the nest is huge!   Bald Eagle Nest Mountain View County Reserve wmThe Eagle stayed in the nest the entire time we were in the Nature Reserve, so I am assuming she has laid eggs!   It is going to be an exciting spring and summer!Bald Eagle Mountain View County Reserve cropped wmWhile in the reserve watching the Eagle, there was lots of bird activity…hawks flying overhead, ravens socializing  and a busy group of house sparrows flying in and out of the bushes….

We were not prepared to stay for the day, so it was time to head home.  We took the long way home to see if there was any activity at the Bluebird houses…nothing yet…but it won’t be long!  We saw a herd of moose on Range Road 280 just west of Horse Creek Road. My friend had seen the moose several times, but this was my first!

My last sighting of the day was a couple of white tailed deer.  We were looking for the Great Grey Owl that lives in the Grand Valley Road area.   A group of deer was trying to cross the road.  I pulled over, thinking I was going to get a great action shot of a deer jumping the fence…but it decided to go underneath…

What an amazing day!  My friend, who I was out adventuring with spotted the Great Grey Owl later that evening!  One day soon, I will be sharing an owl adventure…

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