Singing with the “Blues”

You know that spring is here when the bluebirds return!  Last week, I had the pleasure of hiking with some friends on a family owned property off Sibbald Creek Trail (west of Cochrane on the way to Kananaskis country).  The reason for our visit was the return of Mountain Bluebirds to the nesting boxes on the property.   Up until that day, I had never seen a Mountain Bluebird.  We pulled onto the property where the owner was awaiting our arrival and immediately she pointed out the bluebirds up in the trees…my heart was singing…such an amazing blue color, a little shy, but singing the most beautiful song!!  We walked the property watching the bluebird pairs flit about from the nest boxes, to the wire fence, to the highest point of the tree tops.  Here are just a few of the many that will be returning this spring…

Along with the Bluebirds, we saw pairs of returning Robin’s….Robin at fenceline Sibbald Creek cropped wmRobin curious Sibbald Creek cropped wmand a beautiful Bald Eagle soaring in the thermals on the hunt for food…Bald Eagle soaring overhead Sibbald Creek cropped wmIt was day of joy and laughter…with good friends…enjoying our amazing backyard!!!

Thanks and compliments to Suzane Whitney, my friend for capturing this photo of me enjoying our amazing adventure singing with the “blues”…IMG_1410

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