Detours are a sign…blues and hoos!!

In a few weeks, I am leading the field outing for the camera club.   I wanted to be prepared, so yesterday, I did a test run of the outing!   I have been on this route many times to photograph the wildlife…but yesterday…I decided to add a few detours to offer the club’s landscape photographers a reason to attend.   What a great adventure it turned out to be!  I started out at Ghost Reservoir to check out the sunrise, but unfortunately it is still frozen solid, and I started to worry about how this outing was going to come together.  I took the first detour south off the highway to check out the Bluebird boxes…amazing moments!!    This couple was busy getting ready…and always moving……for those who have not seen a bluebird… they are about the sizeFemale Bluebird on locked stack cropped wm
of a sparrow…check out the size relative to the lock…pretty small!

I watched this female gather grass, fly in and out of the nest box while the male stood watch…

The male had a couple spots as look outs…on the fence posts and adjacent wire…

…then he was off in a flash…Male Bluebird south of 1A fencepost ready to fly cropped wmThis will be a great first stop on the outing!!   There are more Mountain Bluebird photos in the gallery

Next…onto Grand Valley Road…a treasure for all kinds of wildlife…opportunity to see raptors, elk, moose, deer and owls!  I took the second detour west on a gravel road to check out the view of the mountains from this higher vantage point…I think this will be a great stop!!Rocky Mountains from Wild Cat HillsTouring on the other side of the ridge something moved in my peripheral, but I lost it quickly…then movement again and I saw this…a Great Grey Owl out hunting…they blend in with the trees and are so hard to spot until they move…Great Grey Owl spotted Wild Cat Hills wmI was given the privilege of watching the hunt for a few moments…silently the owl moved from fence post to fence post…scanning for prey…Great Grey Owl fencepost looking down cropped wmGreat Grey in flight wmIf we are lucky, we will see this on the outing!!  More great pictures of the Great Grey Owl hunting can be found in the gallery!!  These 2 detours are going to be a great addition to the outing in a couple weeks!!  It was certainly a sign that there will be many great adventures to come this year!!

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