Honored to see our Provincial Bird..

The Great Horned Owl is common in Alberta.  You will often hear the deep, soft hoots … hoo-h’HOO-hoo-hoo in the late evening or early morning, but trying to locate them is not always so simple.   These birds nest early in the year compared to most other birds, and will most often settle in a nest build by others (usually Red-tailed Hawks, other hawk species, crows, ravens, herons, or squirrels).   Good friends took me to see one this week…what an absolute privilege to see such an amazing animal…our provincial bird!!Great Horned Owl Nest 1 cropped wmI look forward to watching the family grow this spring and summer!!

Oh…also exciting news…the resident Osprey’s are back!  Can’t wait to capture them in action this year!  Photos will be coming soon!! Check out the story from last year in my blog and my favorite Osprey photos from last year in the gallery!

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