New Sightings…

Bird photography and learning about birds has become a bit of an addiction!  When I see and capture something new, I have to come home to research what I have discovered in my backyard!  Last week, there were 2 new birds to add….

Kinglet with pussy willow cropped wm

Female Ruby-crowned Kinglet

The first, out by Winchell Lake near Water Valley…after all my research, I think this is a female Kinglet (the males have a ruby crown) due to the olive green color (if I am mistaken, I would appreciate the guidance and correction)

The second, found at Bow Ridge in Cochrane, a Yellow-rumped Warbler…Warbler Yellow rumped Bow Ridge 2 cropped wmThere were so many of these warblers, they were everywhere along the trees on the river!  Amazing, beautiful to watch and listen too!Warbler Yellow rumped Bow Ridge 3 singing cropped wmBoth of these little birds were active, quick moving and in the trees!  So much fun to watch!

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