Unique experience, colourful lessons…

One day after a business meeting, I decided to take a new back road home.   Yellow headed blackbird Airdrie pond wmI was so glad that I threw my camera in the car!! A yellow-headed blackbird caught my eye singing on a fence post on the side of the road…I got out of the car to get a little closer, but he would have no part of it…flying off the minute I took a step closer…but I have to thank him for making me stop as I would have missed an amazing opportunity!   Sandpipers young Airdrie pondThe area was a wetland…filled with shorebirds I was thrilled to watch!!  It started with these sandpipers….hundreds foraging in the shallow water…something would set them off…Sandpiper flock in fight cropped wmand they would all fly around calling in distress for a few moments then settle back down to forage some more…Sandpipers landing on Airdrie pondThe light wasn’t great looking into the sun…but the experience was wonderful.   As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, another colorful surprise appeared…Avocet Airdrie pond reflection 2 cropped wm jpgI had no idea at the time what it was, but wow…it was beautiful, elegant and one of my favourite colors!!  The bird is an American Avocet!!   Again, back lit shooting into the sun, wishing I had better light…but when I got home, I was happy that I continued to snap photos as normally I wouldn’t.   I love when I learn and expand my knowledge…not only seeing new birds, but expanding my photography skills…I love the mood in this photo!   Just as I was thinking of putting the camera down…the Avocet decided to fly to the other side of the road…Avocet Airdrie pond landing cropped wmAvocet Airdrie pond in sun cropped wmAvocet Airdrie pond in sun 2 cropped wm…lighting, timing and patience…

My “Nature in my Backyard” adventure has proven to be a great teaching tool!  I look forward to more lessons from the wildlife…feel so fortunate to experience nature and be given the opportunity to capture these moments!

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