Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation visit…

I had the pleasure of visiting the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation with the camera club recently.  As stated on their website this is a “must-see” attraction….and it was an unforgettable wild experience.   The Foundation offers visitor information and interaction through the following exhibits…. hawk walk, flight demonstrations, wildlife interactions, aviaries and more…

Orphaned Great Horned Owlet BOPIn the lobby when we arrived, we were introduced to 4 orphaned Great Horned Owlets…

The staff explained the different areas and events at the Foundation and then it was off to check things out!

Rehabilitating and releasing injured birds of prey back to the wild is one of the Foundation missions.    Some birds, due to their injuries, become residents.   The staff provide information and interaction to teach visitors about the birds.

Our first stop was the Hawk Walk…which probably showcased every type of owl and raptor…here are just a few!!

The flight demonstration we attended was with a 6 year old Bald Eagle…amazing, informative and breathtaking…they run every 90 minutes during the day…BOP Bald Eagle Flight Demo

After the demo, the visitors helped give Roosevelt a shower!  He loved it and then enjoyed the heat as he dried out!!

There was another Bald Eagle…

…and a Golden Eagle…

Visitors learned about the Great Horned Owlets.  If all goes well, these little fellows will be released back to the wild later this summer…

Offspring from the Foundations Burrowing Owl breeding program have been released in all four western provinces.BOP Burrowing OwlHaving had the privilege of seeing many of these “Birds of Prey” in the wild, brought comfort knowing that passionate individuals at the Foundation take care and rehabilitate injured raptors.  (you can check out my raptor photos in the gallery) On our way out we met an injured Golden Eagle that was just dropped off.  The calm and caring nature of the staff had this wild raptor calm and comfortable…which was truly unbelievable as it had a broken wing.  If I lived closer to Coaldale, I would probably become a volunteer…what an amazing experience!



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