Out of the Shadows…

I have talked about the elusive Great Grey Owls on Grand Valley Road…which many have had the pleasure of capturing…and I am finally part of that group!!   Great Grey Owl on stump first sighting cropped wmDriving down a back road off Grand Valley, a friend spotted something in the woods on a stump…we were both very excited when it turned around …and it was a Great Grey!!  We watched as it listened and looked around scanning…

We thought the moment was going to be brief when it seemed to be taking off…Great Grey wings out on stump cropped wmGreat Grey wings up on stump cropped wmThe wings were so big, I clipped them off in the photo!   The Grey decided it was going to stick around and settled back down…long enough for the sun to peak around the trees and highlight this beauty sitting in the woods…Great Grey Owl talons showing on stump cropped wmMajestic and breathtaking…Great Gray Owl side profile on stump cropped wm…as it emerged from the shadow!

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