Rubbernecking on the highway…

One evening recently, I needed a photography fix…so was heading out to find a destination.  As I pulled onto Highway 22…I caught a glimpse of the top of a long narrow head in the pond on the west side….I was pretty sure it was a Blue Heron….so I pulled into the ditch, flipped on the flashers, grabbed my camera and “safely” ran across the highway!

It sure was…and for a brief moment I was out of its line of sight…able to snap a couple of photos…Blue Heron 22 cropped wmBlue Heron walking 22 cropped wmIt was a quick moment before he caught sight of me….and took off!  I was unprepared for action and missed the exit from the pond…everything in stages…hope to capture those long legs and enormous wings in flight next time!!

2 thoughts on “Rubbernecking on the highway…

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