Tour of the Osprey nests…

I have been out checking on the numerous Osprey nests this year…

In Cochrane, the young are testing out their wings and mom is constantly feeding them…Osprey young stretching wings cropped wmOsprey feeding young Cochrane cropped wm

At 22…no sighting of the young, but mom is always sitting up on the top of the post…Osprey at 22 on post cropped wmIn Exshaw, mom came in to settle on the top of the post at the nest site…Opsrey Exshaw Nest cropped wmAt the train yard…there is one chick in the nest…Opsrey with young Railyard Bow River cropped wmAs well as one chick at Glenbow Ranch…you can just see the top of the head poking out of the nest…Osprey Glenbow Ranch cropped wmIt is going to be great fun watching all these youngsters learn to fly!!

Sad news however, the nest at Castle Junction has no activity.   It is my understanding that this nest has been active for many years…and a real tourist attraction for the visitors to Banff.   Hope they are back next year…

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