Another day with the Heron on the Highway…

The Blue Heron stuck around for a few more days.   I was chatting with the neighbors who described the blue heron and asked what it was..they had just seen it on the pond on Highway 22.  After explaining…I jumped in the car with my camera to go take a look.

At first…no luck … so I crouched down under cover of the tall grass to see if I could get closer to some baby coots…again no luck…but when I stood up…this is what I saw…Blue heron first spotted on fencepost on 22 cropped wmIt was on the other side of the pond, standing on a fence post…my favorite kind of photo! I worked my way around to the other side….hoping to get a shot before it took off.   The herons are very skittish and don’t stick around once they spot you.  My luck came back that day….giving me the opportunity to capture this amazing moment!!Blue Heron on fencepost Highway 22 warm color tones wmIt was only a moment…and off it went…Blue heron in flight cropped wmAccording to the local paper, it stopped at the same pond on the same days last year!  I will mark my calendar for 2018 to see if it returns!!

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