A little prayer always helps…

Our young Osprey has been out practicing.  One day on the way home, I spotted her on the top of the Church…just a short distance from the nest.  Young Osprey on Church cross wmIt was a beautiful blue sky behind her and I watched the young one prepping for flight.   First a tapping and flexing of her claws…Young Osprey on Church cross clicking claws cropped square wmThen she did these head bobs…back and forth…and with each head bob she would move her body in different directions…I am thinking to see how everything worked together…

She had an itch…check out the size of those claws!!Young Osprey on Church cross scratching head cropped square wm..and finally she was ready to launch….Young Osprey on Church cross ready for take off cropped square wmShe was tentative and almost had a look of fear as she left her perch on the top of the cross…probably saying a little prayer as she took off…

but a few pumps later, she was soaring…

I kept watching as she flew down to the river… she would drop a wing and veer towards the ground…perhaps practicing what she was doing on the top of the cross…or maybe it was how she was taught to fish…either way it was fascinating to watch!!  When she was taking off…I too said a little prayer…wanting her to have a successful flight so she is prepared to head off south for the winter…

Young Osprey in nest cropped wm

Young Osprey at the Cochrane Toyota nest


3 thoughts on “A little prayer always helps…

  1. Wow ! What great pictures, Jo-Anne. God has given us such beauty and talents. For that we are thankful. I am sure the osprey knew you were praying for him(her).


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