Practice makes perfect…

I was out on a photo adventure, driving down TR 252 .  I had a car behind me so pulled off on a dead end road to let them pass.  What a detour…a big thanks to that driver!    Hawk near plant 1 cropped wmOn a fence post sat a young hawk…and I witnessed something incredible.  After a stretch and a shake…Hawk near plant 2 cropped wm…the youngster seemed to be practicing the art of flying…Hawk near plant 3 cropped wm…extending a wing …then stretching out a leg…Hawk near plant 4 cropped wm…wings up ready to soar…then a wing and leg on the other side…Hawk near plant 5 cropped wm…maybe it was hawk yoga…either way for over 20 minutes…it was fascinating to watch!  Love being out in my backyard!!

2 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect…

  1. Great shots Jo! Gives me an idea that I too must stretch to keep in shape as the Hawk as shown us what he does!!!. Blessings .Have a wonderful weekend Love,Mom


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