San Diego tourist spots…

I had to hit a few bird spots and had a fabulous couple days photographing at Famousa Slough…a wetland in the middle of a residential area.  It was filled with Snowy egrets, black-crowned night herons, blue herons, pelicans, starlings…


…and to my surprise and delight a couple young osprey….I knew their call well!  I sat and watched them learn to fish for their lunch as I enjoyed mine.                                                           READY…Osprey fishing Famousa Slough cropped wm      SET…Osprey set cropped wm      GO!!!!Osprey dive famousa slough cropped wmAnother adventure was a trip to La Jolla, famous for the sea lions and they didn’t disappoint…


…and another day, took a long walk along the mouth of the San Diego river to see more birds and a few reptiles…


There were so many places…I need to go back and explore some more!!  A little outside my normal one hour distance, but had to share the highlights of my trip down south…

More os

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