A new owl day…

I am always amazed when I see something new…especially when it involves owls.  I am in awe every time I see one.  Well, to get back to my adventure, I was out with my friends and we were searching for a snowy owl that was spotted in Grand Valley.  It was getting later in the day and we were all ready for supper, but thought we would take one more loop to see what we could find.   No snowy was found, but in Wild Cat, thanks to another birder, we spotted our first Short-Eared Owl.First sighting Short Eared WCH cropped wm…first one ever and first one of the day!  So cute…so tiny…so far away…but a first!  We snapped a few photos, laughed with delight and headed up and over the hill to see if the Great Grey was around.  No luck there, so back to thinking about supper.  Coming down the hill, we spot something on the fence post up ahead….Short Eared First Sighting cropped…a Short – eared, this time much closer to the road…we weren’t sure if it was the same one, as it looked a little bigger, but we counted it as sighting anyways.  This one didn’t stick around for long.  More laughter followed.   When we turned onto Grand Valley Road, we say two more Short Eared…they seemed to be everywhere…but these ones were to the west and we were on the curves on Grand Valley, so no place to stop.   More laughter…thinking we were so fortunate just to see these little cuties!   Heading north, we passed the two big hills and I spot something in the field out of the corner of my eye, I yell…”Stop the car”!   The driver checked all mirrors and the cameras starting firing!  Beautiful light, subject taking a pose and an amazing opportunity to capture a great photo….Short Eared Owl Puffed GVR cropped wmShort Eared owl puff ball cropped wm…now, not just laughter but belly laughs…feeling so lucky…usually when you see something new,  it takes days or months sometimes to see another one and then to actually get the opportunity to capture an amazing image in less than an hour…wow!!  Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, another Short – Eared….right next to the road…Short Eared Owl Side profiile cropped wm…first looking off into the sunset…Who me short eared owl GVR wm…and then a full stare, saying “hello ladies!”

Always love being out in nature on photo adventures with my girlfriends!!

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