A rare sighting…

I was invited to tour a beautiful Retreat called Back to Nature, just outside of Water Valley.   Since I was heading northwest of Cochrane, I grabbed my camera, just in case!!  It was extremely windy that day and I was pretty sure everything would be grounded, but on Horse Creek Road, I came across this hawk hovering…I got out of the car to snap a photo and he took a moment to check me out…Hovering in the wind - Hawk on Horse Creek cropped wmAfter the tour,  I was about to head home when the owners started telling me about another group coming out to check out a rare bird they had photographed recently.  I asked if I could grab my camera and join them in taking some photos…what a privilege!! They told a story about the chestnut-backed chickadees…very rare in Alberta.   These little birds only fed from the ground, picking up seeds and eating in the nearby trees.  They also didn’t come around when the grosbeaks come near…Pine Grosbeak snacking- Make at Back to Nature cropped wmAs always in bird photography…it takes patience, a little luck and the right conditions.  We watched patterns of feeding, and favorite spots to see where these little chickadees would appear.   Their favorite spots were deep in the trees, but occasionally, they would pop out just before dropping down to pick up another seed.  Viola….a beautiful shot of a chestnut-backed chickadee…Chestnut Backed Chickadee at Back to Nature cropped wmThanks to the folks at Back to Nature for sharing their amazing experience!!


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