The eagles are back…

The Bald Eagles have started to appear.   The first one near Bottrell.  We spotted ravens gathering around the gravel pit and suddenly among them, an eagle.   It flew into a near by tree….Eagle Bottrel cropped wm….then came to check us out, flying right over head.Bald Eagle Fly Over Bottrel cropped wm# 2 – again with the ravens.     It also flew off and watched from a nearby tree.Eagle Watching his lunch# 3 – getting closer to town, just off Lochend Road, I spotted this beauty!  So majestic!!

#4 – We watched a massive Bald Eagle circle the Nature Reserve from our deck and land in the large pine up on the ridge.  I grabbed my camera and headed out the front door.  It took off from the pine, soaring down to the flats, then started a gradual assent.  Bald Eagle Riviera cropped wmFull wing span, right over my head.  Moments of magnificence!!


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