Year end review

It has been a while since I added to my story.   My adventures have been fewer this year due to a new position with Cochrane Tourism!  I did have some amazing adventures, so thought I would share a review of the year and the amazing nature I was able to capture!

It was a good year for owls – Great Grays, Great Horned, Snowy:

Lots of eagles – including three eaglets this year that all survived and grew up so fast:

Hawks were abundant, this one being my favorite:

Ospreys as usual, so many great pictures this year, with these 2 top picks:

Top pick for songbirds include:

We had a new fawn in the backyard again this year:

Favorite captures with antlers/horns:

The Alberta wild horses:

A few other favorite birds from this year:

And my favorite baby shot of the year:

Goosling peeking during nap time wm

I hope you enjoy the review!  Looking forward to capturing more amazing nature in my backyard in 2019!

Coffee with the big boy…

In October, I spent the weekend working in Canmore.   I got up early Saturday morning, picked up a coffee and decided to head out on an adventure!  I headed into Banff, hoping to see some Elk and took the turn to Lake Minnewanka.  It was a cool morning…not a lot of traffic…and I took the first road heading to Two Jacks Lake.  As I headed up the hill and came around one of the first corners…I saw antlers.   I quickly pulled over, climbed up through the sun roof and down in the ditch on the side of the road appeared a bull Elk…Bull Elk Two Jacks first spotted wmHe was so big and I was so close, I couldn’t even get the full rack in the picture. I had no idea how big he was until I pulled further up the road so I could see down the hill…Bull Elk Eating wm…absolutely stunning…and although he brought his head up to have a quick look…he was more interested in filling up on grass than paying attention to me.   I spent the good part of an hour, enjoying my coffee and watching this big boy enjoy his breakfast!! Bull Elk Two Jacks staredown cropped wmA few other visitors stopped to take a look…one gentlemen asked me if it was a reindeer…I explained it was a bull elk.  He then asked me if I thought it would be okay if he walked across the road to take a picture with his cell phone.  I explained that bull elk can be dangerous and that the reason I was photographing from my car a safe distance away from the wildlife was to stay safe and to respect them in their own environment.   I am happy to say he chose to take the picture from his car!

This big boy crossed the road to see if there was anything good to eat on the other side…Bull Elk Two Jacks Looking back cropped square wmThen the tour bus arrived and he was gone…Bull elk leaving cropped wm…I too departed as the tour bus stopped and the tourist flowed out of the bus doors…the peaceful morning was no longer…

…but as we headed up the hill together, he stopped one last time as if to say goodbye…Bull elk last look cropped wmand I got one last shot…

What a privilege to capture moments like this in our amazing backyard!!  More elk photos can be found in the Gallery

Mountain adventure…

Last Sunday, I decided to take a tour out to Kananaskis country.  Part of the reason was to preview the area as I would be leading the camera club on the next outing to Grassi Lakes and Smith Dorrien Trail.  It is a great time of the year to head to the mountains…so many things to see!  In Canmore, a herd of elk was grazing in the hills along the Three Sisters Parkway…Elk at Three Sisters Canmore cropped wmThe Smith-Dorrien Trail is the “backdoor” access to Peter Lougheed provincial park from Canmore to Highway 40.   There is plenty of wildlife…it winds it’s way through moose habitat… and I was lucky to see a cow and her calf swimming across Goat Pond…


The road follows the eastern shore of Spray Lakes…

Spray Lakes wm

Spray Lakes

….with many places to photograph landscape and wildlife…

Gopher in the Rockies cropped wm

Engadine Meadow cropped wm

Engadine Meadow

You can view and hike the Kananaskis Lakes via the Kananaskis Lakes Trail…

Upper Kananaskis Panorama

Upper Kananaskis Lake

The way home is Highway 40.  This road is closed from December to June as this is a wildlife corridor in the Rockies.  Just north of the gates a Grizzly was in the ditch on the road side eating dandelions…Grizzly Highway 40 showing collar cropped wmSeeing a Grizzly is quite an amazing sight…however…this is a wild animal…and can be very dangerous.  The bear is tagged and collared for monitoring by the park staff.  I did stop and snap a few photos through the sunroof of my car.  This was the second time I have seen a bear in the wild.   Wildlife in the parks cause traffic jams because when one car is pulled over…so do many others.  I was part of a “bear jam” this Sunday afternoon. It was unfortunate what I witnessed…many people were getting out of their vehicles and standing along the guardrail with a wild Grizzly 50 feet away.   If this bear decided it had enough and attacked one of the bystanders…it would be the bear that would be put down, not the human.   I left with  mixed feelings…elated that I had the opportunity to see a bear in the wild…disappointed that people do not practice the guidelines for wildlife viewing to keep everyone…especially the animals…safe.

Grizzly Highway 40 tag removed cropped wm

Bear 152 (edited tag removed)