Year end review

It has been a while since I added to my story.   My adventures have been fewer this year due to a new position with Cochrane Tourism!  I did have some amazing adventures, so thought I would share a review of the year and the amazing nature I was able to capture!

It was a good year for owls – Great Grays, Great Horned, Snowy:

Lots of eagles – including three eaglets this year that all survived and grew up so fast:

Hawks were abundant, this one being my favorite:

Ospreys as usual, so many great pictures this year, with these 2 top picks:

Top pick for songbirds include:

We had a new fawn in the backyard again this year:

Favorite captures with antlers/horns:

The Alberta wild horses:

A few other favorite birds from this year:

And my favorite baby shot of the year:

Goosling peeking during nap time wm

I hope you enjoy the review!  Looking forward to capturing more amazing nature in my backyard in 2019!

Highlights of the Fall

Happy New Year!  It has been awhile since my last adventure story…sad to say, I have not had any time to post due to a very busy fall schedule.  I thought I would combine some of my favorites to share the highlights of the past season…

bees, butterflies and dragonflies…

…the last few hawks of the season…Hawk in flight north of Airdrie cropped wmHawk near WG ranch 2 cropped wm…a fall trip to Kananaskis, filled with beautiful colors and a herd of big horn…

…a hike to Troll Falls to see the waterfalls change with the season and…

…a Spruce Grouse trying to stay camouflaged in the trees…

…birds of course…

…and the last of the greens to a carry us through until spring…Mount Kidd glowing in the sun wmLooking forward to many new adventures in 2018!

Grouse stalkers off Grand Valley!!

Last week, my friend and I decided to head out on an adventure.  I saw a grouse for the first time!! Grouse in the trees cropped wm

When I arrived to pick her up, we decided to take a tour on her property as there was lots of bird activity out back!  Well…it was quiet and peaceful…then a deep, thumping sound started slowly, built to a crescendo then silence again!  My friend said…that’s the grouse…but it was difficult to determine where the drumming was coming from…so we started to lurk through the woods.   They blend in with their surroundings with great camouflage…

The male was very elusive…he had beautiful colors and it would have been great to catch him in action, but not this time!  The female would return to one particular area, which gave us an amazing opportunity to catch some very special close up moments…

She flew up into the trees…and after checking us out for a few moments, it looked  like she was closing her eyes to have a nap, so we left her to sleep!!

More babies to watch this summer!!