One legged Willy

The Riviera pond had a special guest last week!  The neighbours called him “one-legged Willy”!  My experience with Blue Heron has been “they see you…they’re gone”… Blue Heron Riviera Pond sleeping 1 cropped wm…so I was surprised when “Willy” didn’t bolt with all the folks walking near the pond! Once I had a closer look…”Willy” was sleeping!!  At one point, he tucked his head into his long flowing chest plumes…Blue Heron Riviera Pond sleeping cropped wmEventually, the playground noise got his attention, but he stuck around…Blue Heron Riviera Pond cropped wmWe were able to walk all the way around to the other side of the pond (thus the different light) but by that time, the wind picked up causing ripples in the reflection shot… Blue Heron Riviera Pond reflection wmThen it was time…but I was prepared…enjoying some great quality time with “one-legged Willy” before he headed off into the sunset! Blue Heron Riviera pond take off cropped wmBlue Heron Riviera Pond in flight cropped wmSuch a majestic sight…right in “my backyard”!  Enjoy more Blue Heron photos in the gallery!

Chicks at Riviera Pond…

More babies at the pond…a Common Goldeneye with her brood of 9 arrived!Goldeneye mom and 9 babies Riviera Pond cropped wmThey swam to the middle of the pond and climbed up on the rock…Goldeneye mom and 9 babies Riviera pond on rock cropped wmGoldeneye mom and 9 babies under mom Riviera pond on rock cropped wm …all getting under mom for a little warmth after their first swim across the pond!  As the sun was setting, I snapped this photo of one of the duckling in amazing water color…The next day, I headed back to the pond to watch the brood…Goldeneye babies 5 cropped wm…sadly overnight the brood went from 9 to 5…but I guess that’s nature…Goldeneye mom keeping a watchful eye cropped wmMom watched as the ducklings learned to run away…Goldeneye babies learning to run awaylook for food…Goldeneye babies learning to look for food and dive…


So much fun to watch these cute little balls of feathers learn so quickly…Goldeneye baby cropped wm

Wishes come true…just put it out there!

Our Community Association had a clean up day a few Saturdays ago.   I was working on cleaning up the Riviera Pond and spotted a Killdeer hanging out.   After our clean up…I went back to to the pond with my camera to see if it was still around..and it was!  Killdeer at Riviera PondI sat down on the concrete embankment at the top of the pond and thought to myself…wouldn’t it be nice if the Killdeer would come a little closer so I could capture a great shot!  Well…I got what I wished for!!  This little bird starting across the pond…Killdeer at Riviera Pond 2…then it was at the bottom of the embankment…Killdeer Riviera pond walking up concrete cropped wm…and kept walking towards me…I had to dial back the zoom…


I couldn’t believe it…the Killdeer came within 10 feet and sat down…basically beside me!!Killdeer Riviera pond sitting down cropped wmjpgWow…I didn’t want to move and scare it, so I sat quietly and watched but took a couple of close up shots as it stood up and sang a song…Killdeer head shot singingKilldeer head shot cropped wmThen, as quickly as it arrived…it decided it was time to go and walked down the embankment….Killdeer Riviera pond leaving the concrete..out across the reeds…Killdeer Riviera pond leaving the pondand flew away…Killdeer Riviera Pond flying away…and I went home with a huge smile on my face!!  Unbelievable experience with nature!!

Action at the Riviera pond!

The geese have decided to nest at the pond this year!!  The female sits on the nest while the male patrols the area!  Male Goose Patrolling at Riviera Pond cropped wmFemale goose on nest Riviera pond wmThis is the view from the river side…but from the walkway, you wouldn’t even know she was there…unless you were really looking!  Great camouflage…Female goose on nest Riviera pond 2 cropped wmThere is a rock in the middle of the pond and many of the water fowl climb on top as a place to preen…the evening light was magnificent and the pond so calm last week..Male Goose preening on Riviera Pond cropped wmThere are more photos of geese in the gallery and hoping some goslings in the near future!!

The canvasbacks were also at the pond this past week.  I don’t remember them being around last spring!  We will have to wait and see if they take up residence at the pond this year!!