Coyote hunting – Grand Valley in the golden hour…

Coyote sunset prowl cropped wm

One morning in September, I was heading out to find the Perrenoud Nature Reserve northwest of Cochrane off of Grand Valley Road.  I came across this coyote hunting.  It was amazing to watch him listen, stalk and pounce on his prey! I am sure the other motorist wondered what I was doing as I was photographing through the sunroof standing on the drivers seat. He didn’t seem to be bothered by the car!


Coyote Grand Valley Road

coyote-dreaming-cropped-wmcoyote-looking-to-the-side-wmcoyote-stalking-cropped-wmAnother day, later in the month, I saw this coyote in the field hunting.  The sun was behind him, so tough to photograph, but fun to watch.  I did capture this moment of intense focus as he pounced … but he wasn’t so lucky in capturing his prey.coyote-pounce-2-wm

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