Many varieties of ducks are returning to the Cochrane area this spring (2017).

Goldeneye baby watercolor from sunset cropped wm

Common Goldeneye Duckling

Canvasback male Bearspaw Rd cropped wm


Duck Northern Shoveller RR 25 cropped wm

Northern Shoveller

A pair of Mallards have selected the pond to be their home this year…


(2016) Bird photography was much harder that I expected!  After reading many blogs and instruction manuals, the best pros advised a good starting point was birds near water. Lucky for me, there is a pond in the middle of Riviera…and it was filled with not only ducks but Killdeer, Belted Kingfisher, Swans, Geese, Gulls, Swallows and Sparrows. There was always lots of diving for food and this photo reminded me of synchronized swimming! (We had also just watched many days of the Olympics)  I have many blurry pictures and many missed opportunities…looking forward to trying again next year!

ducks-synchro-swimming-wmThere were many varieties of ducks at the pond and here are a few snapshots!

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