Gosling 2018…

Goosling peeking during nap time wm

Goslings…spring 2017Goslings having a snack cropped wmGosling taking a drink cropped wmGoslings follow the leader 2 cropped wm

Riviera Pond Spring 2017

Male Goose preening on Riviera Pond 2 cropped wmMale Goose climbing on rock Riviera Pond cropped wmMale Goose Patrolling at Riviera Pond cropped wmThe geese are starting to arrive this spring.    A flock was hanging out at Mitford Park on the banks of the Bow River.    Some were tucked in napping…probably trying to stay warm…while others were eating…and as always one was standing guard!

In Riviera there is a natural vegetated pond.  There is always a flurry of activity!  The geese are in and out with the seasons. We see the courtship in the spring and families defending their pond in the fall.  There is lots of head pumping, hissing, honking, and vibrating feathers!  I loved this moment…trying to get out of harms, with little traction on the ice!


This photo is part of the “Nature in My Backyard” card series, showcasing the amazing wildlife neighbors we have in Riviera!


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