Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owls – Grand Valley Road

Great Grey camoflaugedGreat Grey Close up Focused cropped wmGreat Grey in V of Tree cropped wmGreat Grey wings down cropped wmGreat Grey Feet first cropped wm

Great Grey in Wild Cat Hills…Great Grey Wild Cat Hills in Tree cropped wm

Great Grey Wild Cat Hills on fence post cropped square

Great Grey off Grand Valley Road…Great Gray Owl side profile on stump cropped wmGreat Grey Owl talons showing on stump cropped wmMy camera club friends have had the pleasure of a Great Grey Owl hanging around their properties.  They see him(or her) on a regular basis and it has been on my bucket list to be part of an owl moment…it finally happened, in a different location – Wild Cat Hills, but this beautiful bird allowed me a moment in time watching the hunt!!Great Grey Owl Looking back cropped wmGreat Grey Owl fencepost looking down cropped wmGreat Grey Owl looking at prey cropped wmGreat Grey Owl looking up cropped wm

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