Great Horned Owl

Great horned owlet…

Great Horned Owlet wide eyes cropped

Great Horned Owl Returns…Great Horned OwlShe's Back cropped wm

Great Horned Owl Great horned side profile BOPGreat horned staredown BOP

Orphaned Great Horned Owlet at the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation in Coaldale.BOP Great Horned Owlet headshot cropped wmGreat Horned Owl and her 2 Owlets that grew up east of Cochrane (2017)…

Great Horned Owlet eyes open near nest cropped wm

Just out of the nest

Great Horned Owlet back to sleep cropped wmGreat Horned Owl youngest awake with momBaby with little horns cropped wm

Great horned owl two babies cropped wm

Great Horned with Baby in nest cropped wm

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