The Osprey of 2018…

Osprey Dad bringing in lunchYoung Osprey Pretty

The Ospreys of 2017…

Young Osprey in nest cropped wm

Osprey chick calling for lunch


Osprey returned to nest cropped wm

Kate returns to Cochrane for the 2017 season!

Osprey become a bit of my passion in the summer of 2016!   One nest, the home of William & Kate, is located at the atop a telephone pole in the middle of the Cochrane Toyota Dealership lot!  I spent many days watching them build their nest, bring fish in to feed the chicks, hunt for fish on the Bow River, watch the young take their first learn to use their wings and take their first flights!   This is one of my favorite photos of Kate this summer!


The owner of Branded Visuals in Bragg Creek told me about a couple of nests in the mountains!  I found three. These photos are from the nest at Castle Junction, the Rail Yard and the Lafarge Plant in Exshaw.


Stare down


Youngster in Exshaw


Nest on the Bow

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